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Solar lanterns


The TotalEnergies​ Group TATS program began in 2010 with a vision innovative development to access a large range of low-income populations to sources of solar energy. This sustainable social responsibility program is to promote and sell high quality solar lamps and affordability in countries where TotalEnergies​ is present, through the branches of Exploration & Production and/or distribution. The other aspect of the program is to create a local entrepreneurship for distribution "dealers" in rural communities, where
TotalEnergies​ is not directly present. 3 pilot countries in 2011, the "Awango by Total" lamps, are now distributed in over 29 countries, thereby bringing sunlight to more than 5 million people worldwide.

Solar Lamps range

1. Uno 50
Main Features
2. Multi 100 Plus
Main Features
3. Home 600 X3
Main Features
Light Technology: LED Light Technology: LED Light Technology: LED
Solar panel: 0.35W Mobile Charging Mobile Charging and USB connection
Maximum Illumination: 5 hours Solar panel: 1.5W Solar panel: 5W
Minimum illumination: 2 hours Maximum Illumination: 18 hours Maximum Illumination: 36 hours
Light settings: 50 ml, 20 ml Minimum illumination: 4 hours Minimum illumination: 4 hours
Brightness: 50 lumen Light settings: 100 ml, 50 ml, 20 ml Light settings: 300 ml, 100 ml, 50 ml, 20 ml
Warranty: 24 months Brightness: 100 lumen Brightness: 300 lumen
  Warranty: 24 months Warranty: 24 months