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Human ressources

TotalEnergies Mozambique is committed to promoting access to management positions for employees recruited locally. To build our human resources management policies, we rely on development avenues common to all of TotalEnergies’ marketing affiliates in Africa and the Middle East.


To recruit the talent needed tomorrow, TotalEnergies is forging partnerships with universities in Africa and the Middle East, at the national and regional levels; this has already been done in Burkina Faso, Senegal and South Africa. Our objective is to have seven regional and around 40 national agreements in place by 2017. Under these agreements, TotalEnergies affiliates host interns and Group experts teach courses at partner schools.


TotalEnergies encourages skills development and career advancement for employees through training, international career paths for future senior managers and mobility. This policy is of strategic importance for TotalEnergies. Our goal is to create efficient, high-performing teams to ensure that our activities grow sustainably.

Health and Retirement Benefits

TotalEnergies provides health and insurance coverage to employees of all its marketing affiliates in Africa and the Middle East. We also offer supplemental retirement benefits in more than 30 countries.