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TOTAL Lubrifiants has poured its expertise into the NEPTUNA range for leisure boats. We provide water lovers with cutting-edge products that satisfy manufacturers' technical requirements and the most recent international standards.

TOTAL NEPTUNA covers all leisure boating needs with its lubricants for 2- and 4-stroke engines. Whether your boat runs on gasoline or diesel, NEPTUNA gives you:

  • higher engine performance,
  • consistent quality,
  • a cleaner engine.

We also offer a specific The embedded asset has been deleted:
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PAGENAME: Total_Mozambique/Page/Link/FCKEditorfor 2-stroke leisure craft engines —a weapon in combating water pollution. Biolubricants degrade rapidly if they accidentally come into contact with the water.

Quality and safety: for people, leisure craft and the environment

Our customers care about quality, and we do too. Our NEPTUNA products satisfy manufacturers' technical requirements as well as the most recent international standards (National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) , API, etc.). And at TOTAL Lubrifiants, sustainable development is central to our business, so our NEPTUNA range includes a specific biodegradable oil.

Discover the NEPTUNA range of lubricants for:

The benefits for you

  • Maintenance of engine performance over time: very high detergent power provides high cleanliness in the hot parts of the engine.
  • Assured engine longevity: the oil layer is extremely resistant in all conditions. Its anti-wear and anti-oxidant properties make for longer engine life, while its exceptional anti-rust and anti-corrosion additives protect the internal components of the engine from water damage.
  • Fuel savings: its special formulation reduces fuel consumption and the production of pollutant gases.

The benefits for you

  • Protection of the environment: this range includes a biolubricant that biodegrades quickly in nature.
  • Engine cleanliness and longevity as well as anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.
  • Exceptional lubrication at extreme temperatures; smoke-free formulation.
  • Easy pre-mixing: these oils mix easily with gasoline, providing a uniform and stable pre-mix, even at low temperatures.